How Do I Get A PMP Certification.

Are you looking forward to make your career in project management. If you wanted to apply for PMP then you must be having so many doubts in your mind. Why to apply for PMP and how do I get pmp certification. In this article you will get to know every details about PMP certification.

About PMP Certification

PMP is Project management professionals, one of the most prestigious certificate in project management. It opens many new windows and career opportunities. It is one of the top 10 certification in the world. PMP is introduced by PMI (Project management Institute) the world’s famous institute for project management. PMI is the best spot to search for project management best practices and latest trends in the field of project management.

Top Reasons For How Do I Get A PMP Certification

If you are asking how to get pmp certification then you should have a question “why” to get pmp certification? You must have some strong reasons to start your pmp journey. Let’s have a look at some of the important reasons that why you should have PMP.

1. Jobs, it is estimated that in the near future there are immense number of jobs in project management isn’t it a good to explore how to get pmp certification.

2. If you are working in IT, Manufacturing, Management and in any of such industries you must see a growth in project management jobs. Doesn’t matter in which industry are you in you can think about PMP and a career in project management.

3. You must be wandering that after PMP will I get a good salary hike. Of course you will get a hike in your salary. PMI salary survey says that there is 20% hike in the salary after you get PMP.

Some other good reason which keeps you motivated to go for PMP are:

  • You will be recognized that you are a PMP certified person.
  • You will always get an edge over others while applying for new jobs.
  • Your presence does matter in every project that your company do.

Requirements For PMP

Now, when you are thinking about how do I get a pmp certification? Then you must know what are the requirements which you must have to gain PMP certification.

1. Education

You must have a bachelor’s degree (4 years or equivalent ) or secondary degree (high school or diploma).
if you have a bachelor’s degree then you need 4500 hours of project management experience and if you have a secondary degree then you need 7500 hours of project management experience.

2. 35 Contact hours

You should have 35 contact hours of project management formal training experience. For more information on pmp requirements look at this article requirements.

How To Apply?

If you fulfill all the requirements for PMP then you can apply for the PMP exam. The mode to apply are online and offline. Choose as per your convenience.

Go to PMI website to apply for your certification. Applying for the exam is a simple process but collecting all documents is very important. If you have all your document with you on time then the application process will become simple for you.

Here are some steps which you should follow while during your application:

1. Completing the online application- You have to fill your personal, professional, experience details while during this process.

2. Reviewing the application- After you complete all your details your application will be reviewed. This process is done by PMI just to check that the information you entered is correct and are you eligible to give pmp or not.

3. Paying the fee- After your application is being reviewed PMI will ask you to make the payment. You will receive a confirmation mail that your payment is received.

Scheduling The Exam

After you successfully completed all the steps including your examination fee you need to schedule your exam. PMP examination can be done through two ways CBT (Computer Based Exam) and PBT(Paper Based exam).

PMI will send you an email including PMI Eligibility ID which enables you to schedule your exam at the Prometric website. It is a first come first serve process so you need to book your seat fast. If you want a slot of your choice.

In case you lost your email that consists your PMI Eligibility ID you can find the same on PMI website under my PMI section. Follow the on-screen instruction to book your examination slot.

On the site, you will be able to search for an exam center with seats available based on your preferred time. After you confirm your booking you will receive a confirmation email. The confirmation email consists a 16 digit confirmation number, it is advisable to keep this number at a safe place. This will require when in case you need to talk to the customer care of Prometric for any query related to the exam arrangement.

Or it is also said that you should bring a copy of it with you on the examination center for safer side. Just in case of any problem you can make a call to the Prometric customer care and they will help you out in anyway.

How To Prepare?

After scheduling your exam you should start preparing for your exam. Try to crack the exam in the first attempt. For doing so you should have a good schedule and a good study material with you for your preparation.

When it comes to preparing for the exam it needs proper dedication, planning, and serious study. Make proper planning and study accordingly. Do practice some good practice exams for your best preparation. Do read handbooks and also include PMBOK guide in your exam preparation.

I am suggesting some best simulator for your preparation. Do read this article for your complete preparation.


PMP exam is a good choice if you want to make your career in project management. So now when you know all about PMP exam get your certification as early as possible. And move a step ahead from everyone and give a good growth to your career.

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