how much is the pmp exam fee

How Much Is The PMP Exam Fee?

How much is the PMP exam fee? A questions that trigger in every aspirant’s mind. PMP exam is a costly affair but what is the cost to take pmp exam and what are the other things that costs you for your PMP certification.

Other than your pmp examination fee you have to pay for your training, study material, certification renewal fee etc.
In this article you will get to know about every thing that will costs you for the PMP certification.

How Much Does It Cost To Take The PMP Exam?

You have to pay $555 to the PMI for the PMP exam. After your application is approved you have to make this payment. But you can avail a benefit on the examination fee. By joining PMI Membership. If you are a PMI member then you have to pay $405 for the exam. PMI membership fee is $129 and to avail the discount on the examination fee you have to pay $10. So on an average you have to pay $555 to appear for the examination.

You can see this table below to understand the concept more easily.

Note:- This is the cost for CBT (computer based test) under certain circumstances you can apply for PBT (paper based test) the costs of examination is same for both.

What Are The Other Factors That Costs For The PMP Certification?

PMP Training

One of the requirement of PMP certification is 35 contact hours. So you have to showcase your 35 contact hours to the PMI. For this you have to attend a formal project management training or might be you are already having these hours in your college time or during your employment.

Today there are number of training options available and the cost of training depends on the type of training or the training provider.

There are different modes of training Classroom training, Online training, Virtual training. Virtual training is a new kind of training provided by the providers in which trainer teaches you online and you can attend the session online from any geographical location.

Always be sure that the training provider should be teaching you all the domains knowledge which is required in your training.

The cost of online training programs costs you around $180. For virtual classes the cost will be around $500-$1000. And for live training it’s somewhere around $1000. So PMP training will costs you somewhere around 180-1000 USD.

Apart from this you can also gain your 35 contact hours through online self- learning course. These courses are easily available online and costs you around $200-$500.

PMBOK Guide And Other Reference Books

For your preparation you have to buy some study material. The standard book which generally all aspirants use is PMBOK Guide. For PMI members the PMBOK guide digital copy is freely available. You can buy a hard copy if you are not comfortable studying from a digital book. Purchase the PMBOK Guide from Amazon. The book will costs you around $40.

The other reference book which you will purchase for your better preparation will costs you somewhere $40-$100. I will suggest to read two reference book so to have better understanding of the project management topics. Always go for PMBOK guide many of the aspirant found it hard. Yes it is tedious but once you understand the concepts it will be easy for you.

PMP Practice Tests

There are many free paid practice tests available in the market. Invest in a good practice tests. These practice tests will provide you the real exam environment. You should take such tests before sitting for the real exam. This will costs you in between $60-$300.

In exam you have to face 200 questions it is hard to solve these many questions. Practice before exam boost your confidence. These practice exams contains 1500 questions for practice. So you can buy the practice exam you like but always invest in a good one.

Other Material Required For Study

The other study material includes formula guide to help you understand the formula, ITTO guide, Flash cards, cheat sheet etc. which might be required to help you during your preparation. The costs for these material varies as per your utility.

Fee For PMP Reexamination

You are allowed to take 3 attempts for the PMP exam. If unfortunately you are not able to crack the exam in first attempt. You can take the exam again. But every time you have to pay the examination fee. The cost of re-examination for PMI members is $275 and for non- PMI members is $375.

Renewal Fee For PMP

You have to keep your certification in active state and for that you have to renew your certification after every three years. If you are a PMI member then you have to pay $60 and if not then, you have to pay $150 as a renewal fee.


So by reading this article you must get an idea about the cost of PMP certification. But remember the costs varies from person to person. The costs varies as per your geographical area, the training you took, the study material you used.

As the cost of getting the PMP certification is not cheap but after you get your certification you will definitely fell its worthwhile. So if you are thinking to take this certification then don’t waste time and go for it. This will definitely give you a good career hike.

Over To You

What do you think about the PMP certification cost. Is it really worth it? Have you taken the PMP exam before. How much do you spend in your PMP certification? Please share your views in the comment section below.

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