How to know whether to join PMP Bootcamp or not?

Are you thinking to give PMP certification exam? Want to crack the PMP exam? Looking for serious training for your preparation. All these questions must be there in your mind. So let me answer this and help you with your queries.

In this article, we will see how pmp boot camp will help in your exam preparation. How to choose boot camp. Is this helpful or not. How useful is the PMP bootcamp.

What is PMP Bootcamp?

PMP Bootcamp is a very strict training. This thorough training prepares you for the PMP exam. Did you know how boot camp concept is started and what it means? It means the basic training provided to new recruits which are very intensive, thorough and disciplined to help them to understand the basics properly.

Hence boot camp is the training that gives you the 35 hours of project management training. And prepared you well for the exam.

Reasons To Go for PMP Boot Camp

You know that there are certain requirements for PMP examination. You need 35 contact hours, 4500 hours of experience and a bachelors degree or 7500 hours of experience and a secondary degree.

Education and work experience as a leader in the certain project you must have. Now when it comes to 35 hours of contact hours. You need to equip yourself for this. Bootcamp will help you in this regard.

There are certain organizations that conduct the PMP Bootcamp for 3-5 days. During boot camp, you are taught about the concepts of project management. These concepts are based on the PMBOK guide (Project Mangement Body of Knowledge).

Knowledge You Can Get from PMP Bootcamp?

The boot camp training will cover the five process groups that are initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling and closing. These processes are defined by the PMBOK guide. These process groups are very important as it is also the part of PMP requirements.

You must have knowledge of these 5 process group defined by the PMBOK guide. The training consists of 47 processes and their interaction. What would be the inputs, techniques, and process you used to perform the process to get the desired output.

You will also get to know how the 5 processes and 10 knowledge areas interact with each other. Tips and tricks to crack PMP exam are also being taught. Some trainers will give you tests to check your knowledge and understanding about the concept.

How the Bootcamp is Conducted?

When I said the Bootcamp training is intense and thorough it actually means “It is”. Its hard to find time for 3-5 days and sit for so long about 12-6 hours per day to get the full training programme. If you are sure that you can find this much of time and have patience too. If you want to make sure that your education for project management is internalized then go for it.

But if you not able to make up your time then go for PMP Bootcamp online. If you have a career break, you want to be quickly certified. The PMP certification from PMI will give you an advantage over others. PMI survey says that certified PMP professional will get a 20% higher salary than the non-certified ones.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Bootcamp

Some of the Benefits Are-:

1. Good use of time- if you are on vacation or having a career break and want to make good use of your time. Then PMP boot camp is a good choice. It is a good way for an uninterrupted and focused study. But before making commitments make sure boot camp schedule must match with your time. There is also a cap on the number of students. So think well.

2. You get motivated- You have to pay the fee in advance for your scheduled session. This makes you more motivated as your money is at stake.

3. Good preparation- The study material which is provided in the boot camp is worth it. You will get a copy of the text of the PMOBOK guide. Which is the big resource of preparation? And you will get different study material that will help you in your study for the exam preparation.

4. Get access to experts coaching – there is less number of people in the classroom so you will get more attention and good gathering. The facilitators give you good guide and tips regarding the exam. Even after the classroom, some the coaches make them available through emails and via other means for students who need help.

5. Get full support- You will get access to ask questions and your doubts even after your classroom course. This way you will get  lot of queries solved with no time wasted.

Some of the Drawbacks are-:

1. Expensive- the boot camp training programme is expensive as compared to other options. As it is the best way of training. It is a viable option if time is more valuable to you than money.

2. Inconvenience- as they are not organized everywhere unless you live in some large urban area. The 3-5 days boot camp will require traveling and hotel accommodations. For those who have families and job it really difficult for them. So you have to manage before scheduling you Bootcamp dates.

3. Memorization- the exam is based on the concepts of PMBOK guide. These concepts are huge and in-depth which makes it hard to understand and gather all information in 3-5 days. So boot camp focuses on rote memorization of high yield material. That will help you in PMP exam but not beyond that.

4. Limited schedule and openings- as it is already noted that boot camp conducts in some large urban areas. The boot camp has limited space and offer sessions at a particular time of year. This will make difficult as may or may not be your schedule matches with the session timing.

5. The focus is restricted- the boot camp concepts are in-depth and intense so u must be aware at least about the concepts. Otherwise, there is no benefit of boot camp for you. Because of less time, they focus on important topics. They may guarantee you to pass the exam so their focus is the same. The knowledge is just to pass the exam and not to be more helpful for the future rise.

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