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Did you know the best pmp practice exams?

Which are the best PMP practice exams? How do I make a choice? Are you thinking about these questions? Don’t worry we are here to tell you all about how to choose and what are some of the best choices to make for the simulator.

PMP is a tough exam and needs proper planning and preparation. Practice exams as like the real one are the best way to increase your chances to the exam. So for this, we are here to tell you about some of the best simulators which help you in your preparation and must increase your chances to the PMP.

How To Check For The Best PMP Practice Exam?

PMP exam is a professional exam for experienced professionals. Those who are taking PMP prepare in different-different ways to crack the exam. Practicing PMP practice exams in a simulated environment is highly recommended. There are many practice papers available online. You need to select the best for you. As per your requirement.

Things to be considered before taking the online PMP practice exam.

• Make sure the exam must be based on the latest edition of the PMBOK Guide. Don’t waste your time in preparing from such practice exams which are not updated yet. And does not contain the type of questions which are actually coming in the exam.

• Select a simulator which has a lot of questions to practice. As you know that the preparation took a long way so don’t take such practice exams which have fewer questions. During preparation, you might use the simulator many times so chances are that you may find it questions over and over again.

• Budget is also a factor which is considered in your PMP journey. Preparing for PMP can be expensive if you can’t manage your budget. While selecting the online PMP test simulator check if it fulfills your requirement and adjusts in your budget.

• The simulator must have full exam mode. You can take a simulator which allows you to take the exam as many times as you want. The simulator must have the pattern of a real exam which gives you the feeling of a reading exam in advance. It should be realistic, with the option to mark the question for review as that of a real exam. Make a choice for your exam simulator in the way it looks more realistic as it is in the real exam.

• The simulator should contain a learning mode. It means that if you are learning about some topics that you will be getting the questions to practice in the learning mode. You can do it in your lunch break or in your small break. It just recalls your skills, concepts, and knowledge about that topic.

• Check if your PMP exam simulator provides the technical support or not. And if yes what type of technical support are they providing. If something went wrong how they respond. They have contact us, forums, FAQ’s or not. Are they providing any refund policy, just in case if you don’t like the product? Make sure to consider all these before taking any simulator.

The Best PMP Practice Test?

The PMP exam simulator is the most useful thing that is needed when you are done with your preparation. It provides you a real exam time environment and makes you practice. Practice before the exam is the best way and improve your chances to crack the exam.
Here we are recommending some of the best PMP exam simulators. After evaluating all simulators these are some of the best simulators which we are the best choices for you. Hope you will find one of your choices:-

1. PMPrepCast by Cornelius Fichtner is one of the respected and renowned educationists in the project management body. Many aspirants every year successfully pass the exam by studying from Cornelius training material.

This simulator contains many features. access period offered is of 90 days. this period begins when you start your first test. it provides many bonus items and gifts which are not available in other simulators.

If you are looking for good quality material then this product is very good. It is slightly expensive but provides amazing benefits so it’s worth it.

2. PM Master Prep has very refined material and is well suited for the certification exam prep. this simulator comes at a very reasonable price and offers its best value. but it has a limited feature as compare to the first choice. it also offers additional study material like ITTO inspector, Glossary, EVM Calculator and videos.

3. Simplilearn is a professionally managed company. it offers many courses. they provide professional videos, good material. they have a very good support system. however, it has some limited features and it does not provide domain-specific tests.

It is one of the most expensive choices as quality is best. But by applying some coupons you will get a discount on the course. Buy the online courses they are best and better value.


PMP’s demand is increasing day by day. So the potential of this certification increasing. If you are thinking to crack the exam in your first try only then do prepare well for the examination. Check out these PMP exam simulators and practice your exam before the exam. Increase your chances to the PMP examination. All the best for your exam.

Over To You

Which simulator is the best? Which one are you using for your exam preparation? Suggest your views and experience with us in the comment section below.

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