What Are The Eligibility Criteria For PMP Certification Exam?

What Are The Eligibility Criteria For PMP Certification Exam?

Many aspirants are confused about the requirements and eligibility criteria for the PMP certification exam. In this article, we are discussing the requirements of the PMP exam in detail.

Project management is a very serious profession. It is the most admiring and recognized exam around the world. It needs a strong knowledge of project management techniques. That’s why it has defined eligibility criteria for PMP certification exam.

What Are The Eligibility For PMP Certification?

There are basically three requirements for pmp certification exam:

1. Education

This requirement need a bachelor degree(4 year or equivalent) or a secondary degree(high school or diploma) from any discipline.

| Bachelor degree needs 4500 hours of experience.

| Diploma or secondary degree needs 7500 hours of experience.

2. Project Management Experience

The project management experience varies as per the education. If you are a bachelor degree holder then you need 4500 hours of project management experience. If you are a secondary degree holder then you need 7500 hours of project management experience.

Project management experience it means that you should work as a project manager. In leading some project or you are a project leader or complete a full project. Only those hours are counted or added that were spent on performing project management tasks.

The nature, size, technicalities of the project doesn’t have any significance on your eligibility. The project can be big or small and from any domain or industry. But this experience is not valid for those who work as a team member or perform some general project related tasks.

What Are Process Groups?

During training, you must have knowledge of all 5 performance domain. It’s not mandatory that you have knowledge of all 5 performance domain in one single project. That is you can gain knowledge of all 5 performance domain from different projects.

| Knowledge of 5 performance domains.

You can work on different projects to gain experience. But make sure your tasks must be related to the project management tasks. During your experience, the period you must gain the knowledge of 5 performance domain that is mention in the project management guide.

3. 35 Contact Hours

Project Management Training or 35 contact hours. You should complete 35 contact hours formal project management training. Now, you must be wandering what is 35 contact hour?

| One contact hour is equal to one classroom instruction.

You can add multiple training program hours together to complete 35 contact hours. You can also add educational hours from college programs. These are valid for a lifetime.

The 35 contact hours training is conducted through online and offline mode. Training are provided either by the PMI Registered Education Provider or through Non-Registered Education Provider. You can choose the mode of training according to your comfort. The cost will be different based on your training mode.

Take a wise decision for your project management training. Every training provider you took online or offline is not as good as they see. They may be not teaching you the correct syllabus. Your education during your training is very important. So whether its online or offline you must be aware of the fact that the training provider must be teaching you all the content which is required.

About Knowledge Areas

There are 10 knowledge areas that are Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communication, Risk, Procurement and Stakeholder management defined by the PMBOK guide. Your education during the training comprises of these knowledge areas.

| Ten knowledge area defined by PMBOK.

Project Management Experience Vs 35 Contact Hours

Aspirants got confused by these 2 terms so far. So let me explain these term clearly. Project management experience means the number of hours you spend in leading or directing a project. You need not to be a project manager for this. But you must be performing some project leading task.

The number of hours experience depends on your education that I already describe above. And ofcourse you should be experience in initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and closing a project—what the PMI defines as its five “process groups.

Contact Hours is the amount of time you spend in formal project management training or instruction. Contact hours can be earned by taking some formal project management training online or offline.

Things have evolved as of now, any project management training that you took earlier can be counted for the eligibility criteria for pmp certification exam. For more details please check this article pmp training.


If you are thinking to make a career in project management and have the right qualification and experience then you should apply for PMP. If you want to make a career in project management, but doesn’t have the right qualification then first gain the desired experience and then apply for PMP. This certification definitely worth it in terms of experience and education.

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