PMP Certification Requirements : Top 5 Q’s you always wanted to know.

PMP Certification Requirements : Top 5 Q’s you always wanted to know.

In our experience, students have numerous questions about the PMP certification requirements. They are always confused about the eligibility and qualification criteria for the PMI’s credential exam.

You will find complete details about the PMP requirements in 2018. In this post, you will get to know about PMI’s needs. That is educational qualifications, training, and minimum experience to apply for the exam. You will also find answers to some frequently asked questions.

PMP (Project Management Professional) is the most admiring and recognized exam around the world in project management. It is a very serious profession where you need to have deep knowledge about project management techniques. That’s why it’s having some requirements. Being PMP adds a huge benefit to your profile and brings a hike in your salary but it’s not easy to crack.

Certification Requirements


For PMP requirements, you need Bachelor’s degree (4-year degree or equivalent) or secondary degree (high school or equivalent). Let’s discuss the education in details below.

Project Management Experience:

– 4500 hours of PM experience for a bachelor’s degree holder.
– 7500 hours of PM experience for secondary degree holder.

Project Management Training:

35 contact hours formal project management training.

PMP Certification Education Requirement

To satisfy this requirement, you should have a bachelor’s degree(4 years or equivalent )or secondary degree (high school or equivalent) from any discipline.

PMP Certification Work Experience Requirement

As discussed above project management experience varies according to your education. If you are a bachelors degree holder then you should have 4500 hours of project management experience. And If you are a secondary degree holder then you should have 7500 hours of project management experience.

By project management experience it means that you should work as a project manager in leading some project or done some task related to project or complete a full project. Only those hours are counted or added that were spent on performing project management tasks.

The nature, size, technicalities of the project doesn’t have any significance on your eligibility. The project can be big or small and from any domain or industry. But this experience is not valid for those who work as a team member or perform general team tasks.

Knowledge of 5 performance domains.

During training, you must have knowledge of all 5 performance domain. It’s not mandatory that you have knowledge of all 5 performance domain in one single project. That is you can gain knowledge of all 5 performance domain from different projects.

PMP Certification Requirement 35 Contact Hours

Project Management Training or 35 contact hours. You should complete 35 contact hours formal project management training. Now, you must come across the word contact hour so one contact hour is equal to one classroom instruction.

You can add multiple training program hours together to complete 35 contact hours. You can also add educational hours from college programs. These are valid for lifetime.

The 35 contact hours training is conducted through online and offline mode provided either by the PMI Registered Education Provider or through Non-Registered Education Provider. You can choose the mode of training according to your comfort. The cost will be different based on your training mode.

Ten knowledge area defined by PMBOK.

There are 10 knowledge areas that are Integration, Scope, Time, Cost, Quality, Resource, Communication, Risk, Procurement and Stakeholder management. Defined by the PMBOK, your education during training comprises of these knowledge areas.

PMP Certification Renewal Requirements

PMP certification has to be renewed after every 3 years. Your certification needs to be renewed by some PMP certified professional. The PM professional must have 60 pdu’s earned in project management within these 3 years.

PMP Certification PDU Requirements

You have to earn 60 PDU’s before your certification renewal. These 60 pdu’s should be earned from some PMP certified professional. From these 60 pdu’s at least 35 PDU’s are from the education category. You can choose any education category for your 60 PDU. This 60 pdu’s mapped under a different category.

Leadership Category

If you are learning activities related to team development in your PDU’s which helps in achieving the project goal. This mapping is the leadership category.

Strategic Category

If you are learning activities related to tolls, techniques and processes assist in the aligning project with strategies then this mapping comes under the strategic category.

Technical category

If you are learning activities related to project management defined by the content outline of project management.
For each hour you spend on PDU earning makes your 1 pdu collection.

Easy tricks to earn PDU’s

Read books

If you are a good reader and you like reading then you can gain all your 60 PDU’s in this. Make a reading list in the areas of project management, leadership, and strategic business management.

Course from REP’s

By attending programs organized by REP’s you can earn pdu’s.


PMP is for those who are working in project management and want to enhance their skills and efficiency. If you are in project management and have experience also then you should apply for PMP to give a good career growth. If you are not into project management and doesn’t have any experience but want to apply for this certification first gain some experience in project management and then you can apply. This certification definitely worth it in terms of experience and education.

Frequently Asked Questions

After going through with all these requirements there must be some questions going on in your mind. So here are the questions with answers that are very frequently asked and common-

1. If I am a bachelor’s degree holder, Can I apply for PMP?
– Yes, Of course.

2. I am from the manufacturing department, should I apply for PMP?
– Yes, you can apply for pmp. If you are having experience in any of the 5 knowledge domain of project management then surely you can apply.

3. Only Registered Education Providers (REP) Can provide the 35 contact hours training.
– No, not- registered members can also provide 35 contact hours training. But it should be valid as per the PMBOK guide when you pass the audit process you have to show your 35 contact hours training.

4. Can I do online training for my 35 contact hours?
– Yes, you can do online training to get your 35 contact hours. But make sure your training consists of all 10 knowledge areas defined by PMBOK guide.

5. If I am unable to complete 60 PDU’s within 3 years. What will happen to my certification?
– It will expire. You have to complete 60 PDU’s within 3 year’s and renew your certificate. If you don’t do so your certificate will expire and you have to give the exam again.

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