What Is The Salary Expectations After PMP Certification.

What Is The Salary Expectations After PMP Certification.

How much hike I get after PMP certification? What is the PMP certification salary structure? Curious to know, how much salary you will get after PMP. Here in this post, we will discuss the PMP salary and its salary criteria.

We know your curiosity and understand it better that before digging into anything you wanted to know its outcome, its pros, and cons. So here we are providing you the information regarding PMP certification salary which helps you in making your decision.

A Glance of PMP Certification

You must be knowing this fact that PMP certification is the most renounced certification in the PMI. If once you get it you will surely get benefited. This certification is most inviting fruit form the hanging branch of PMI. So let’s see what’s the requirement of PMP in brief.

If you have a bachelor’s degree and have 4500 hours of project management experience then you are almost ready to fulfill PMP’s requirements. All other you need is 35 contact hours of PMP training. Then you can apply for this certification.

And if you are a secondary degree holder then you need 7500 hours of project management experience and 35 contact hours. If you have this experience and education then you can apply for PMP certification.

You can prepare for your exam and can schedule your exam parallelly. Do prepare a good practice test paper which is similar to the real one. So to get full real experience before sitting in the exam. You have to take lots of practice tests before the exam so to get the salary offered for a PMP certified professional.

PMP Helps You Get An Amazing Job?

This certification is universally recognized for its obstacle. Getting through these obstacles is not so easy but it gave a good impression on the recruiter that afterall you pass those troubles and get the certification. This certification mark on your resume stands out your resume from a bunch of others.

It is said by some recruiters that while during resume filtering. Most recruiters divide resume into two sections one with PMP certification and the other with non- certification. This certification takes your career to the next level.

Therefore making it easy for you to get a job after PMP certification. As the certification itself defines that the candidate holds good experience and practical knowledge. So this certification says a lot of things about your experience and knowledge.

Project Management Salary By Experience

If you have good experience in project management. Then would you think that your salary must be proportionally increased? Yes, it is true, it will. But this increase in salary varies according to different countries and regions. Sometimes the difference in salary differs according to the country in which you are. Doesn’t matter how much experience you hold.

If you are a PMP from a long time means if you renew your certification every time then how will it affect your salary. Yes, it will. If you are a PMP from long run then surely your salary will be much high than others. But again it will depend from country to country. Your salary and its structure vary from country to country.

Salary Standards For PMP

If you are a PMP certified professional then you get a hike of 20% in your salary rather then those who don’t have PMP certification. This is based on a survey of 26000 project managers in 34 countries including 1.197 professionals from India.

The PMP certified professionals India gets a salary of about 17 lakh P.A while a non-PMP gets 12 lakh PA. This significant difference is noticed on the basis of gender. The average pay for male PMP manager varies between 6,59,179 to 21,73,384, whereas, that of female PMP manager varies between 4,60,107 to 17,54,870.

The top job profiles that deliver maximum worth of PMP Certification are IT Project Manager, IT Senior Project Manager, Software Development Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Engineering Operations Manager (Rs 308,613 to Rs 1,618,782 ), etc.


PMP definitely helps you in your future growth. It makes you more Economical and knowledgeable. It gives you a prestigious position in society. If you are thinking of giving PMP. Go for it because growth always matters.

Over To You

What is your salary structure after PMP? Does PMP really give you a better salary? What is your opinion? Please share with us. In the comment section below.

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