Do You Want To Know Is PMP Certification Worth it?

Do You Want To Know Is PMP Certification Worth it?

Is PMP certification worth it? The whole process of getting PMP certified is not easy to go through. All of this requires a lot of time and resources. In this post, you will get to know about how and why PMP certification worth it. By analyzing through many resources and PMI salary survey. I prepared this post to help you know about whether it’s worth to spend this much amount of money and time on your PMP certification.

I am not talking about the benefits of getting PMP certification. If you want to know the benefits of PMP certification then read this post.

So let’s start. The simple answer to this question is “YES’. But I think it’s better to give an explanation when it comes to a commitment like this.

PMP Certification Worth Or Not?

PMP certification is definitely worth it. In many companies, it’s mandatory to have PMP certification for the Project Manager role. They specifically look for the same when hiring a PM. So, if you are PMP certified, it definitely favors you.

There is no second thought that the cost of PMP certification is high.

The PMP examination fee is $450 for PMI members and $555 for non-PMI members. Excluding all other cost expenses like training fee, study material cost, etc.

If you are thinking of appearing for PMP then it’s better to take good training and good study material for your preparation. The chances of you succeeding at the very first attempt depends on quality training and your self study. Because every time you appear for the exam you have to pay the exam fee.

Your geographical location also matters. It will affect your cost of training, study material, classroom program, etc.

Good study material means a good amount of money but ultimately it leads to success.


PMP’s Salary

The salary scale of PMPs is higher than the one without the certification. According to PMI’s Earning Power Salary Survey, PMP certification holders earn up to 20 percent higher salary than those without PMP certification. The PMP certification not only boosts your career, but it also increases your salary significantly.

The PMP certified professionals India gets a salary of about 17 lakh p.a. while a non-PMP gets 12 lakh p.a.

The top job profiles that deliver the maximum worth of PMP Certification are IT Project Manager, IT Senior Project Manager, Software Development Manager, Project Manager, Program Manager, and Engineering Operations Manager (Rs 308,613 to Rs 1,618,782 ), etc.


We have given you an idea about how much your certification will cost you and how you will able to manage the expenses that you spend on your certification. This is not an impossible task but a task that can be done with proper planning. According to our survey when you get your pmp certification.  By increment in your salary, you can easily pay you the amount that you spend on your certification.

Over To You

Is it worth for you to take the PMP certification exam? What is your opinion on this? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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