Do You Want To Know Is PMP Certification Worth it?

Do You Want To Know Is PMP Certification Worth it?

Is PMP certification worth it? In this post, you will get to know about how and why PMP certification worth it. By analyzing through many resources and PMI salary survey. I prepared this post to help you all in knowing about whether it’s worth to spend this much amount of money on your PMP certification.

I am not talking about the benefits of getting PMP certification. If you want to know the benefits of PMP certification then read this post. Here my concern is- Is it worth spending money on this certification?

So let’s start. The simple answer to this question is “YES’. But I think it’s better to give an explanation when it comes to spending money.

PMP Certification Worth Or Not?

PMP certification is definitely worth it. In many companies, it’s mandatory to have PMP certification for the Project Manager role. It’ written in the Job description (JD) that for project management role you have to be PMP certified. So, if you are not someone who is having PMP certification then ultimately you are not eligible for that role.

There is no second thought that the cost of PMP certification is high. One must get struck to the point of paying the fee for the certification which is high enough.

When you are talking about the PMP examination fee it is $450 for PMI members and $555 for non-pmi members. Excluding all other cost expenses like training fee, study material cost, etc.

If you are thinking of giving PMP then it’s better to take good training and good study material for your preparation.  If your preparation is good then definitely your chances of passing the exam in the first try are high. Because every time you appear for the exam you have to pay the exam fee.

Your geographical location also matters. It will affect your cost of training, study material, classroom program, etc.

Good study material means a good amount of money but ultimately it leads to success. And you can avoid further expenses if you pass the exam.

If you see just one side that the cost of the exam is very high how I am able to manage and what if I fail. I lost all my money and get nothing. Then don’t worry. As the coin has two sides so just look at the other side too. When you pass the exam you are able to repay all your money to yourself very soon.

PMP’s Salary

The salary scale of PMP’s is higher than the one who is not PMP’s. You can earn 20 % more than others. Increase in salary means an increase in finances. You are able to manage all your expenses (which is ultimately your investment)  that you spend on the certification soon. And there will be no worry about expenditure.

Seems like visualization, but no it’s not. According to the salary survey of PMI PMP’s earn 20% more than non-PMP’s.  You may be thinking that it’s PMI survey and it can be biased as it is the certification body so maybe it is for the promotion.

But no it is not so. Firstly it’s very reputable and trusted Institute which can’t do such false things like this and secondly, you can check other sources too to develop your trust more. I am providing here some more views of people on how PMP certification worth it? This is how I manage to take a decision. By checking more reviews to get a more clear picture. That PMP certification really a worth.


We have given you an idea about how much your certification will cost you and how you will able to manage the expenses that you spend on your certification. This is not an impossible task but a task that can be done with proper planning. According to our survey when you get your pmp certification. After that, you will get a hike in your salary. By increment in your salary, you can easily pay you the amount that you spend on your certification.

Over To You

Is it worth for you to take the PMP certification exam? What is your opinion on this? Please share with us in the comment section below.

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